crossover au meme | downton abbey + mad men
It’s 1967. Mary Pryce, a British-born trial attorney in New York City, learns of her cousin Lane’s death and decides to help his widow Rebecca file a wrongful death lawsuit against Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Never one to sit on the sidelines, Mary comes to Madison Avenue, stating her purpose to the partners. While most of them look to her dismissively and want to pacify her with an out-of-court settlement, Joan Harris feels drawn to this mysterious “femme fatale” not unlike herself. Don Draper and Roger Sterling, captivated by Mary’s cold charm and puzzled by her sharp intellect, refer to her derisively as “Cousin Mary”. She flirts with both of them, simultaneously and in turn, allowing them no room to propose a concession. It soon becomes common knowledge that Mary Pryce is invulnerable. Merely days before the arraignment, however, SCDP announces their risky decision to hire Matthew Crawley, a young and recent law school graduate, to represent them in court. With Matthew, it seems that Mary might meet her match at last…

# i don't really know what this is    # i just tried to put michelle into the mad men world because of irony reasons    # and basically because i wanted to use the vanity fair photoshoot pic    # michelle dockery    # downton abbey    # mad men    # don draper    # lane pryce    # au meme    # crossover meme    # mine    # this photo is saved in my folder as terriblephotoset.jpg    # i made this a while ago and it's just kind of been sitting in silent agony    # queuetastic    # md    # au    # picspam   
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